OK, OK, I’ve heard all the comments…

“Why isn’t Paul blogging anymore?”

“We miss all the blog updates from Paul.”

“Is Paul even with World Orphans anymore?”

Etc., etc.

Quite frankly, there’s more blogging than ever happening at World Orphans. You can check out the blog roll for all staff at: World Orphans News (WON). Be sure to subscribe so that you get multiple perspectives on our work from many workers, all over the world.

I’m humbled by it, but I do realize that there are a fair amount of folks that want to hear from me personally. The reality is that things have been happening so quickly at World Orphans, that it’s been hard to keep up with it all. In addition, a breakthrough antioxidant product I developed a few years ago, Protandim, is finally enjoying some commercial success and I’ve been called upon to support it (Ironically, through blogging.) Add on top of that a new World Orphans Board of Directors, office move, budgeting process, ministry merger, a lot of related domestic travel, 4,000+ Facebook friends that message me, and the writing of a couple of books (will explain more on that later), and you have a scenario that has caused the Abandoned-Orphaned blog to suffer.

I’m in Beijing right now and, over the next couple of weeks, will be heading to Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and Laos, as well as taking a trip back to China (Hong Kong) to meet all the regional country directors for Compassion International. I will be using the trip to smash the writer’s block and restart the blogging process.

Thanks for your patience. I hope you find the words in my subsequent posts to be both challenging and encouraging.

Until They All Have Homes,

President – World Orphans