Many people in this country physically have to push buttons in voting booths. The enfranchisement of the masses causes millions upon millions of these literal and figurative switches to be flipped in every municipality, from coast to coast.

Each button has both temporal and eternal consequences associated with it. The elected officials will help develop and define policy that directly or indirectly affects how many people will die with the further pressing of additional buttons.

Too bad that many of these elections are just popularity contests.

In strides the dashing young man, one of style and pizzazz, one of eloquent words and promises of change. People are drawn to him. His meteoric rise on the political scene is just the "underdog overcoming adversity" story that Americans crave and respect. He offers them hope for a better future, one free of war and recession.

He is confident with a commanding presence that owns the space he occupies. He represents a deviation from the "old guard" and connects well with certain constituencies of people, people who were formally disenfranchised and unfairly relegated to the periphery of society. People are attracted to him for that reason also, to see the clear wrongs of the past righted in the most visible and profound way possible.

He especially resonates with young college students and professionals. "He is our candidate," they proclaim. "No more old relics of leadership for us. We need a man who knows our generation and cares for the things we care for."

They get caught up in the cult of personality and the quest for the candidate that harmonizes with their age and energy. Even Christian youth groups throw accolades at him. Evangelical students float and fly his colors. Myspace and Facebook banners and buttons display their allegiance to him in glowing pixels.

Either out of ignorance or euphoria, the details get overlooked or lost. The potential buttons are indiscernible in the haze of celebrity and persona. It therefore doesn’t matter that this same candidate supports stabbing partially-born infants in the back of the neck with scissors, followed by the scrambling and vacuuming out of their brains prior to crushing their little skulls.

…And that he even supports seeing such heinous things funded with our tax dollars, your tax dollars.

Just because one speaks well, looks good, and connects with certain demographics, does that make them a good leader? Of good character? Just because one is youthful and hip, does that qualify to earn them the support of our Christian youth?

Push that button and millions of more babies will continue to die. Push that button and you have no excuse…their blood is on the tips of your fingers, the palms of your hands.

To be continued…