Dear Friend of the Fatherless,

Last month, World Orphans’ Paul Myhill (CEO/President) and Mike Vinson (COO/Executive Vice President) traveled to Iraq to pursue the establishing of church-based orphan homes there. We left Iraq with the initial approval to become the first Christian ministry authorized to set-up orphan homes in the country. This was quite an amazing achievement.

Given the recent bad press that Iraq has received regarding its care for orphans, this approval is very timely indeed.

Since our visit, there has been a flurry of activity. We are now happy to report that World Orphans has been given official government approval to start three homes for the abandoned and orphaned of Iraq. In addition, we are setting up a regional office there through a volunteer representative that is now part of the World Orphans team.

These first three homes will hopefully be part of a 30-home commitment to this war-torn nation. We ask for your prayers and financial support to make this a reality.

We invite you to view our in-country reports below, to get a better sense of these developments and our hearts for the orphans of Iraq:

Iraq Arrival – An initial reminder of the horrors perpetrated under Saddam.

Division – Iraq is a world of barriers. Physical ones protect against explosive devices. Religion divides father against son.

From Within and Without – Christians daily face persecution and execution from foreign incursions, as well as from their own countrymen in Iraq.

Front Lines – Iraqi Christians, perched on the border with Iran, say that they "fully expect to die."

Acts 2 – The beauty of an Iraqi house church congregation fully comprised of former Muslims.

Cover Your @$%^ – Within Iraqi orphanages, not all is what it seems.

First – A young Iraqi boy weeps at the realization that he has just been abandoned by his father and is now experiencing his first of many days in an institutional orphanage.

Only Love – Even Iraqi authorities acknowledge that the government can’t effectively care for their orphans. But we know the solution.

Motley Crew of Redemption – Smugglers, assassins, and radical Islamic terrorists. Does that sound like a good Leadership Board for a church?

Orphan Drivers – Besides conflict, what is causing the explosion of orphans in Iraq?

4th of July in Iraq – Of Freedom (part one) – Held by extremists and about to be executed, this Iraqi pastor’s story will give you a new appreciation of the safety and freedom we enjoy in the USA.

4th of July in Iraq – Of Freedom (part two) – Of Freedom (part two) – World Orphans becomes the first ministry to be granted permission to care for orphans in Iraq!

Iranian ‘Orphans’ – Escaping a radical regime in Iran, these young refugees fled to Iraq…and found God.

Guns & Roses – The dichotomy that is present-day Iraq, a land of beauty and brutality.

Safe Iraq Departure? – Multiple checkpoints and barriers. But a single security lapse reminded us of the huge potential for destruction.

Until They All Have Homes,


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