Dear Friend of the Fatherless,

We had a rather amazing response to the Rwanda field notes last week. It is always a joy to take you, our partners, along with us as we encounter the injustices and opportunities of this planet, especially in relation to the ‘least of these" – the orphaned and abandoned children who suffer so much, but who can impact our world so greatly.

After Rwanda, Burundi gave us further relationships, revelations, clarifications and probabilities.

You can join us again below:

Welcome to Burundi – Not your typical hotel greeting

Spillover – A tale of two countries, two tribes

The Great Divide – Hate impacts the smallest victims the most

Holism (part one) – What does it mean to ‘care’ for a person?

Holism (part two) – The dangers and pitfalls of fragmentation

Primary Network – Who best knows their community, their children?

Are We Comfortable Yet? – Do we focus on the right things?

Until They All Have Homes,


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