Great things are happening regarding World Orphans’ registration in Iraq

A couple of months ago, we received the following update from our Arabic-speaking representative there:

Mr. N (the Governor) was extremely positive about the project and asked me to submit a written request to the Governorate stating the intent of World Orphans to start functioning (in Iraq). He himself will work to dedicate the best land in the city for the sake of this project as soon as the Ministry of Interior grants security clearance to World Orphans to operate.

In that very discussion with the Governor, Mr. A (a social advisor at the Ministry of Work and Social Insurance) said, "But this is a Christian organization and they get their support from churches and will raise the orphans on a Christian basis!!" Surprisingly the Governor said, "Mr. A, I encourage you to become a Christian yourself, as it is far better to be a Christian than to be a radical Muslim."

A lot has happened since then. Last week, we received official word that Word Orphans has been approved as a Non-Governmental Organization (non-profit organization) in Iraq:


We thank you for your prayers in this regard.

Because of printing timing issues (for the hard-copy Iraq appeal letter), the $300,000 matching grant for Iraq has been extended until December 31st. We invite you to prayerfully consider this strategic endeavor in your year-end giving plan.