Dear Friend of the Fatherless,

I have just returned from ten days in Africa. It appears that our accounts of a former child soldier in northern Uganda have received a tremendous amount of online traffic. Thousands of people have been checking in to read them.

You can see what the fuss is all about by using the links below:


Abduction and Programming – Four years of terror is about to begin.

Brutal Acts – "Anybody you want, you may have. Cut or kill the rest."

Catch and Release – Child soldiers risk it all to see sex slaves escape.

Children killing Children – Three year-olds falling at the hands of a ten year-old?

From Captivity to Captivity – Sometimes capture means freedom.

Redemption and Testing – Forgiveness and a cruel twist?

Last Acts and New Beginnings – From making coffins, to preventing them.


Lifeblood – Blood is spilt here. Blood is infected here.

Outside the Gates – Potent words from a missionary family’s deceased daughter.

Ethiopia Calling – Five million orphans. Five million active church members. A good combination?

Ethiopia Answers? – They used to be somebody’s pride and joy. Now they are beaten and bruised.

Aversion – When is a good time to jump into oncoming traffic?

Tears into Smiles – The HIV prognosis for many orphans is bad. But a simple gift warms their hearts.

Thank you for your heart for these precious children!

Please forward this to those who share your passion for ‘the least of these.’

Until They All Have Homes,