is committed to rescuing millions of ORPHANED AND ABANDONED CHILDREN, the strengthening of thousands of INDIGENOUS CHURCHES, and the impacting of hundreds of COMMUNITIES with the Gospel of Jesus Christ…through the COST-EFFECTIVE funding of INTEGRATED, FAMILY-STYLE, CHURCH-BASED CHILDREN’S HOMES in the LEAST-REACHED AREAS of the world.

Extreme poverty, chronic disease, conflict, starvation, prostitution, natural disasters, and countless other tragedies have combined to produce a truly global pandemic…over 100 million orphaned and abandoned children. These children are subject to severe abuse and exploitation and often die on the streets, neglected and alone.

Local churches the world over are Christ’s front line of care and outreach. WORLD ORPHANS believes that all ministry – including orphan care – should be owned and channeled through them. We don’t believe in typical ‘Lone Ranger’ approaches where the indigenous church doesn’t possess and lead such efforts.

The work of WORLD ORPHANS is focused on community transformation. We desire to see people movements for Christ as orphans are saved and bear witness to their societies (‘go and tell’)…and as churches become more attractive to their neighbors because of their care of these children (‘come and see’). The children are transformed into missionaries and the churches receive greater community goodwill and witnessing opportunities. It’s a wonderful synergy for Kingdom expansion.

WORLD ORPHANS’ church-based homes for orphaned children are built by the indigenous church, for the indigenous church, on the property of the indigenous church. In addition, the buildings and ministry are owned and run by these churches, churches that are best positioned and able to rescue and care for the children of their communities.

Instead of shipping children away to isolated, over-crowded institutional orphanages outside of town, WORLD ORPHANS keeps children fully integrated and immersed within their place of origin, within the context of a local church family that is completely engaged in its community.

WORLD ORPHANS believes that the best solution is to see kids placed in families. However, in most of the countries we operate in, the first line of rescue (extended families and community networks) has been decimated by the same issues that cause orphaning and abandonment in the first place. There is no capacity to absorb additional children and so they are left to the streets. Within a group residential format, WORLD ORPHANS’ tries to replicate family structures with smaller groupings of children living with house families that are committed to raise them as their own.

Church-based children’s homes are an exceptional low-cost solution and represent a remarkable ‘return on investment’ for Kingdom impact. WORLD ORPHANS’ homes are built on the existing land of churches, often by the church members themselves, and are staffed by live-in caregivers (families and widows) from the church. Church volunteers also help with the administration, care and training of the children. WORLD ORPHANS funds the infrastructure, start-up costs and ongoing needs of the church-based home, but also helps to finance programs that allow homes to be self-sustainable.

Whether unreached, unevangelized or post-Christian, the groups that are most in need of the Gospel take precedence in our orphan rescue strategy. The Church’s raising of godly children will have the most impact in these areas. WORLD ORPHANS has carefully selected key strategic cities, ‘gateway cities,’ for deeper targeting and involvement. These cities have high populations of orphaned and abandoned children, but also have the most need for stronger churches to reach their nations.

Until They All Have Homes,
Paul Myhill



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