The Latin Superstar, and producer/lead actor of the highly-acclaimed movie, Bella (currently in movie theaters), was the keynote speaker for the White House Roundtable on orphans. Eduardo Verastegui is a veritable media force, a singer and actor that has graced hundreds of magazine covers around the world and has simultaneously melted the hearts of many teenage girls.


(Image: Eduardo Verastegui addresses us at the White House Roundtable)

Eduardo recently realized that he was part of a despicable machine that is poisoning our culture. He decided to instead pursue projects that could make a positive difference in people’s lives. Bella, a story surrounding a baby that eventually escapes abortion because of Eduardo’s character, Jose, offering to adopt her, is part of that transformative point in Eduardo’s career.


Eduardo shared with us that, earlier this year, he received a desperate phone call from a close friend. The friend shared about a girl who was about to have an abortion because of pressure from her family and boyfriend. Eduardo’s friend pleaded for Eduardo, probably because of his fame and opposition to abortion, to call the girl’s boyfriend to convince him to change his mind.

Eduardo made the call, just seven hours before the abortion was scheduled to occur. Eduardo passionately championed for the baby’s life. Presumably startled to be receiving a call from an international celebrity, the boyfriend ended up asking, "Who are you to care about us?" Eduardo then confidently stated, "If you don’t want this baby, I will take it. I will adopt the child!" Eduardo made the same heartfelt offer that his character had made in Bella.

Eduardo subsequently flew out to Florida to meet with the couple. While there, he showed them an advance promotional release of Bella. One of the marketing lines for Bella is "One person can change your life forever." Here, one person was indeed advocating for a life, a life of immense and eternal value.

That all happened nine months ago.

Because of the conviction in Eduardo’s voice and the compassion he showed towards their unborn child, the couple committed to the pregnancy and had the baby.

It is a girl.

They ended up keeping her…

…and named her Bella.