Sally is a fourteen year-old girl living in North Dallas. Her mother is at the top of her career, praised and honored amongst her colleagues, pulling in a great salary and all the perks that go with it. She travels much, leaving Sally’s care to nannies and after-school programs.

Sally’s father is distant, working long hours himself and rarely at home before nightfall. Even when he’s at home, he’s too consumed by the demands of the next work day to really pay much attention to Sally. He is ‘successful’ though, earning a good income himself and able to provide the family with many additional luxuries.

Sally’s parents are believers. Both accepted Christ years ago as part of a campus ministry at their university. They still both have a heart for God, but the daily grind and weight of accomplishment have simply gotten in the way. They try to compensate Sally with all the rewards the culture has to offer, lavishing her with new gadgets, dresses, jewelry, parties and other frills. She has her own credit card and she knows how to use it.

Sally finds her own way through life and is socialized and influenced by her private-school friends, movies, magazines and the Internet.

Affluence and materialism have replaced affection and attention. Secularism and post-modernism have replaced Godly teaching and example.

Sally is…

…a child at risk.

To be continued…

Part one, "Phary," available here.