Imagine if this was YOU:

YOU were born into the poor Vietnamese community living on the waterways of Cambodia.

YOUR family is an ostracized minority, disliked by the Cambodian Khmer majority.

YOUR family is told by the Cambodia government that they are not allowed to fish the depleted waters for the next three months.

YOUR family has nothing to eat and YOUR younger brothers and younger sisters are starving.

YOU are viewed as attractive by the locals and tourists because of your lighter skin.

YOUR family has only one thing left to sell to survive . . . YOU!

YOU are bought by a brothel owner who immediately beats and sodomizes you to show you who's the boss.

YOUR virginity is sold to a 300 lb, 55 year-old sex tourist from the Netherlands.

YOU are stitched up, without anesthesia, so that your "virginity" can be sold again. This happens to YOU two more times.

YOU are jailed in a dank upper room and forced to service twenty men per day.

YOU are not allowed to ask for condoms. If so YOU will be beaten severely.

YOU begin to get sick and weak.


YOU are discarded onto the unforgiving streets of Phnom Penh, like spent trash.


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