Gosh, guys, because of my involvement with herbals / botanicals and success (yes, great success, for sure) in the dietary supplements industry, I get presented with it all, believe me. Most of it is pseudo science or “good” science that is an island unto itself with applications that are either totally irrelevant or downright detrimental when you look at the whole picture. And all these companies and products offer up that credible “Scientist” to make everything look legit, even though that scientist has never formulated anything in their lives and does’t know or care about other disciplines or affected systems . . . or has a vested interest the product he or she is hawking. And certainly don’t fall for the “patented” thing. I have a dozen of those and they really mean little to nothing when it comes down to it.

Our bodies seek HOMEOSTASIS through VERY complex interrelated systems. Quit jacking with any one element, thinking it’s the silver bullet to health and wellness. It’s not. You end up screwing up another whole system that is depending upon the one you just messed with because you were duped by the “science and results” that were so AMAZING for this, that or the other.

Exogenous ketones – CRAP! Alkaline water – CRAP! Personalized vitamin regimes based on blood results swayed by the burrito you ate that morning – CRAP! Freaky metabolism boosters – CRAP! (and actually cause mitochindrial DNA damage.) You might as well piss your money down the drain, folks. And we’re not even talking about absorption and bioavailability considerations here for all the “groundbreaking” formulas on the market. That takes the craziness to a WHOLE other level.

Sure, some of you will present me with this study or that, most likely because you have a personal financial interest in it, but those studies can normally be poked full of huge gaping holes, especially when you try to integrate the results into what it takes to be a WHOLE healthy being with ALL systems functioning WELL together to create HARMONY and HOMEOSTASIS.

How about eating and exercising right and using the plants that God gave us to offset age-related declines or conditions that present themselves because we strayed from good diet and exercise in the first place? Hey, what a friggin’ novel idea that is, isn’t it? But, alas, that does’t sell. Gotta come up with something “new” and “breakthrough” instead!

Why are people falling for all this other crap when they’re not even getting basic nutrient needs covered? Why do people want the quick and easy “fake ketosis” instead of getting there naturally? Do you really think that “weight loss” coffee (which is already a weight loss product, by-the-way) is the miracle that you’re looking for that’ll allow you to keep eating at McDeathburger? Just watch that weight come back on, and the systems you screwed up get their revenge on you. It’s gonna happen, I promise.

Yes, there are some “miracle” cures out there but they’ve been known for generations, folks, way before any science, patents or nifty-sounding brand names backed them up. They’re now positioned as “groundbreaking” by Big Supp and Big MLM and are attacked and marginalized by Big Pharma. But even these things are an ABSOLUTE JOKE if you’re not taking care of the root issues first.

Let’s get sensible, guys. Let’s take responsibility for our actions and choices. Let’s take care of the foundational stuff, instead of falling for the false promises or selling out our discernment or integrity for the quick buck. Walk on elevators instead of treating them as a friggin’ ride, will ya? Eat nutrient-dense stuff, instead of all the highly-refined, nutrient-void crap sold by Big Food that is causing our bodies so much inflammation and disease. Don’t buy even ONE MORE pill, potion, lotion, powder, oil or whatever, until you take care of those things FIRST . . . or unless you need IMMEDIATE corrective action WHILE you take care of the basics also.

Would you give a Ferrari an amazing polishing and detailing, but keep neglecting to change the fluids that the engine and other mechanical components require in order to run well? Would you put an “amazing” fuel additive into the tank based on “amazing” studies presented by an “amazing” scientist, but also put in the cheapest fuel you can find – fuel that is laden with junk that does’t burn well and clogs up the system?

That’s what we’re doing folks! Take care of the basics. Beyond that, look at things from the perspective of all our interrelated systems and how they want to together find the homeostasis they were designed for. Yes, that sometimes does mean supplementation, especially concerning age-related declines. Even a well-taken-care-of Ferrari will have additional needs as it ages. But let’s put it into that proper perspective.

Don’t fall for all this silver-bullet, easy-way, “groundbreaking,” quick-results, “scientifically-studied” patented crap out there.

. . . It will leave you hurting . . . and with a lot less money.

(drops mic)