Over 150 million orphaned and abandoned children.

There are not enough FOSTER FAMILIES and COMMUNITY NETWORKS to be the solution

In countries with extremely high orphan populations, extended family and community networks simply can’t keep up with the huge numbers of children.

  • Entire families and communities have been wiped out by HIV/AIDS, other diseases, and ethnic conflict
  • Other family networks are already over-burdened with orphaned children. In many of these families, quite a number of the adults have already died also
  • Many families have to rotate who eats on what day of the week in order to care for orphaned children. They have no more capacity for additional children

Large INSTITUTIONAL ORPHANAGES are not the solution

Institutional orphanages are fraught with problems as children:

  • Are removed and isolated from their communities of origin
  • Are disconnected from social networks and segregated from their friends and neighbors
  • Are herded into mass-care environments
  • Are subject to low care-giver ratios and lack needed love and attention
  • Become dependent and are unable to effectively re-transition back into society
  • Typically do not have access to the Gospel

CHURCH-BASED HOMES are the best solution

WORLD ORPHANS partners with indigenous churches, not just to construct buildings, but to create loving family homes that:

  • Are smaller-scale group care environments with high care-giver ratios
  • Are owned and run by compassionate believers
  • Are fully integrated into the church and community
  • Are Christ-focused in meeting physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs