We have talked about two chain reactions, two cycles.

The first is how the rescue of orphaned and abandoned children (the mega-issue) affects so many other problems and concerns – poverty, HIV/AIDS, prostitution, child exploitation and other interrelated matters. To save children is to proactively attack and diminish all these societal plagues and afflictions. As children are liberated from the vicious cycle, parts of the cycle unravel, producing a geometric impact that reaches through generations. It’s not just about the current statistical decline of these troubles; it’s about the rescued children’s children, grand-children, great-grand children and beyond, who are now freed from the cause and effect spiral of despair. The changes project forward exponentially…because of children’s removal from the cycle.

The second regards an expanding numerical impact also. As the Church is the vehicle and purpose of rescue, children learn about their value in God’s eyes. They learn what the Bible has to say about teaching others, helping others, changing others. The children are removed from the problem but also become part of the solution as they teach against abuse, addiction and exploitation. They become an army of change agents for their communities, nation and world. The changes project forward exponentially…because of more workers attacking the cycle.

We have also talked about the spiritual element inherent in the church being the means of rescue and how this also has additional and multiplicative ramifications for eternity. People are attracted to the church because of the church’s love for the children. And the children above not only go into the world teaching about the issues of the temporal world, but they go teaching about the gift of eternity. These children become an army in another sense – an army of missionaries, spreading the greater truth of love and transformation. The changes project forward eternally…because of the spread of the message of new life.

It is this last thought that I’d like to now briefly expand upon.

Many parts of the developing world have evangelical Christian populations of less than 5%. In most of those same regions the composition of born-again believers is 2% and under. These are the same areas where significant orphaned and abandoned children struggle to survive.

In a sense, those red areas of blemish described in the previous section The Mega-issue (part three) also represent areas where Biblical Christianity is less than 5% established. As the white crosses of hope serve to shrink those red sections, the percentage of believers increases accordingly. Those believers, in turn, can expand the Kingdom exponentially as they take on the task of outreach and evangelism.

In short, orphans represent a unique opportunity for the recruitment and training of workers for the harvest fields of eternity. What a huge opportunity that really is…tens of millions of children ready to be raised by the Church family; tens of millions of children that have been orphaned and abandoned out of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and animistic families; tens of millions of children that will be ‘sent out’ as missionaries to those same communities.

God works in all things. The tragedy of our time is also the greatest prospect of our time.

Do you want to know what the evangelical Christian response should be to radical Islamic schools that take in children, indoctrinate them, and send them out as terrorists, as armies of hatred and destruction?

Answer: Support indigenous churches all over the world to take in the orphaned children of Muslim communities, train them up in the knowledge of the Lord, and send them out as missionaries, as armies of love and reconciliation!

The mega-issue is now. The mega-opportunity is now.