“The most dangerous place in the world is a Romanian womb.”

This statement was sadly made by one of our Romanian orphan-care partners today. The shocking fact is that 50% of Romanian pregnancies end in an abortion. One in two children never sees the light of day. Half of the next generation is snuffed out in a place that was designed by God for safety, nurture and provision. The tools of the enemy invade the sacred room of creation for every other would-be mother in Romania. Staggering and shameful.

Most of the girls in our host daughter’s classroom have already had pregnancy terminations. She’s not yet out of high school. While at the dinner table, she asked her mother if she could go down the street to play. She’s learning to sing and play the mandolin. She loves to draw and play soccer. Meanwhile, her classmates are killing their babies.


(Image: Schoolgirls in Media, Romania. Have they aborted yet? Will they?)

In Romania, the murder of unborn children knows no age limit and is practically allowed up until the baby’s due date.

For those children that do make it out of the placenta alive, many are abandoned. A cruel twist. Hospital wards are full of them. The streets of Bucharest are full of them.

During the Nicolae Ceausescu years, Romanians were encouraged to give birth with the promise of payments and ongoing state support. They were told to have children even if they wished the country to raise them in orphanages. The collective mindset became one of paid breeding for the increased population desires of the dictator. The related devaluation of human life still pervades to this day. Children are summarily executed in the womb or left shortly after the umbilical cord is severed. In either case, the child’s future promise is butchered.

Only Satan can orchestrate evil so well.