Many indigenous churches are ready to start rescuing orphaned and abandoned children from their surrounding streets, dumps and brothels. The only problem is that there are not enough churches mobilized here in the West to come alongside them in prayer and support. The opportunity is so big and the reward is so high, yet a simple disconnect prevents the amazing from happening.

At World Orphans, we strive to equip and strengthen churches in the developing world that have a heart to act upon the call of God to take care of orphans and widows in distress. But we also exist to challenge and engage the Western Church to be equally obedient to Scripture, to fulfill the role of the Church to reach out to the disadvantaged and downtrodden…all the way to the ‘uttermost parts.’

We value seeing the Church here, partnering with the Church there. Would God have intended it any other way?

The Church is His vehicle – His mechanism – for partnership and implementation. The only reason that organizations like World Orphans are established is because the Church has failed. Knowing that, we focus on the Church and champion for the Church as the solution. We don’t replace the Church, we support and advocate for it.

We see ourselves as agents for Christ’s Church. We are just the core orphan competency that is enlisted by the Church to channel ministry through the Church, with the Church, for the Church.

In a sense, we are simply the small cog that connects the greater cogs (churches) for the work.