"The plane lights will be blacked out during the flight."

Scott explained how our new routing into Iraq meant that the plane would be traveling in complete darkness through the middle of the night.

"How can I read?" I thought to myself as I mulled upon the inconvenience.

"They don’t want anybody to see the flight and shoot it down."

That was clear to me. But my first thought was how it would make my passage less comfortable and contented. After all, I would have already sacrificed greatly by stuffing miniaturized toiletries into a clear Ziploc bag, right?

To say that our world is one full of frustrations and disappointments would be a gross understatement. But it’s not anybody else’s fault. It’s not the fault of those ‘other’ self-serving, greedy, cheating, lying, morally-corrupt, violence-prone, drunken, despicable people out there.

It rests upon us all. It rests upon you and me.

We are the continuum of the rebellion against God, the progenies of disobedience. We reap what was sown by the first Adam and what we persist in propagating today.

The only way out is the last Adam, the One who came to bear all of the iniquities.

As I traverse the darkness, I will focus on the Light that awaits the end of the journey.