"Nobody can see what goes on behind those walls."

During a visit to the World Orphans offices on Friday, our Moldovan partner shared more with us about the abuses against orphans and street children in his country. Stolen and trafficked for pornography, sex and vital organs, these children are in a constant state of abuse and fear.

It is indeed a State of abuse and fear also. Corruption, perversion and poverty make Moldova the regional epicenter for the trade in the flesh of children. Crooked communist officials and orphanage directors are very much a part of the mechanism that drives this wicked marketplace.


(Image: Some of the children that our indigenous Moldovan partner ministers to)

Moldova is a culture of walls. Walls around homes. Walls around shops. Walls around churches. Walls around orphanages.

Walls keep prying hands and eyes out. When you live in the poorest country in Eastern Europe and have such little, you need to protect it. When you try to make money from a readily-available resource – orphaned and abandoned children – you need to protect it.

The communist government of Moldova manifests a culture of walls also. Things are done in secret. Dissenters are removed or killed. The communists will "dig under their foundations and collapse them," according to our partner. To be critical of the government and its allowances of widespread abuses equates to social or corporeal suicide.

You can’t attack these walls head on. Much like Jericho, you simply circle them and trust in the Lord’s power. You go about the destruction of the barricades by educating the people and showing them Christ.


Right now, and all through this month and next, our Moldovan partners are working in concert with some other ministries in an "Anti-Trafficking Campaign" throughout the country. These ministries have been allowed to go into schools to conduct presentations that raise the awareness of rampant human trafficking in the country. Tens of thousands of children will hear and know. Their towns and villages are also exposed to the banners, brochures and activities.

The government is allowing the program presumably to gain favor in the international community, to appear that it is on the side of good.

The greatest problem concerns the orphans of the streets and institutions. The school campaign, however, is all about education and mobilization. It’s about getting a ground swell of folks to eventually fight the injustices, to ultimately tackle the broader societal and governmental issues that perpetuate children being stolen, sold, enslaved and killed…behind walls.

It’s about tearing down walls, one brick at a time.


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