I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alan Hunt for over ten years now. He’s currently a great orphan advocate with World Orphans and has lent a lot of time to the TRAFFIC JAM Campaign that unites musicians and their fans in the fight against child trafficking. His son, Kyle, is a multi-instrument member of The Black Angels, a band from Austin, TX with a large and growing following. The Black Angels had a milestone moment this past week. Read Alan’s potent words below:


In 1989 I bought my twelve year old son Kyle a pawn shop electric guitar and amplifier. Shortly afterward he started weekly guitar lessons that continued for the next five years. Kyle took to music like a duck to water and never needed encouragement to practice his lessons. He played virtually non-stop with the passion and drive required to become a professional musician. He inherited his musical talent from his mom. Her instrument was her voice and an incredible ear for music. As for his dad, I don’t even play the radio very well.

In 1993 Kyle became a single parent orphan when his mom succumbed to a fifteen year battle with bi-polar metabolic depression. With the love and encouragement of an extended family and the support and care of a wonderful church community Kyle and I endured the grief and sudden life changing circumstances that occur when a child loses a parent and a husband loses his wife.

Kyle never lost his passion for music and has continued to hone his craft to this day. He is now thirty three years old, a husband to Rachel, a loving father to his three year old daughter, Harper and a professional musician and member of a well know band from Austin, Texas, “The Black Angels”.

Last night “The Black Angels” performed a new song from their soon to be released third album on the David Letterman show. As I watched my son perform I marveled about a loving God who provided for Kyle through extended family and a loving church so that a childhood dream did not end with the loss of a parent but was allowed to continue and to flourish.