We were blessed to be able to visit six orphan homes in Uganda. From the abandoned to the AIDS stricken, babies to youth, cities to villages, poverty to beauty…we experienced the full spectrum.

Uganda is a lush land of wonder, but also an impoverished land of desperation. One feels that they experience both the Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man at the same time.

At the Hope Children’s Home in Kampala, two girls in pink dresses each grabbed one of my hands. They walked with me into the church and then motioned to sit in my lap as I sat down on one of the church benches. They were quiet, but kept looking over their shoulders to smile at me…captivating smiles. They wanted to be held and I was happy to oblige.


As we sat, another orphan behind us, Brenda, started singing. Even though it was not Christmastime, her hauntingly-enchanting voice softly sang Silent Night.

It was a surreal moment: sitting in a hot and humid African church, embracing two little orphans in pink dresses, and being serenaded by the words of promise, calm and beauty.

Many of these orphans had previously been subjected to abuse and humiliation on the streets of Kampala.

As she sang the line, "Sleep in heavenly peace," my eyes filled with tears. Indeed, these children are now sleeping in safety and peace, under the watchful eyes of the Church and their Heavenly Father.


(Image: Brenda)