The number of children in the world that have lost their mother or father, are parentless, or have been abandoned…now exceeds 143 million. This absolutely staggering number is almost equivalent to one-half of the total population of the United States.

Can you imagine if one out of every two Americans was a child living on the streets, living in absolute hopelessness and despair?

Chronic disease, bloodshed, horrific natural disasters, severe poverty, famine, unsanitary water sources, restrictive population controls, and societal devaluation of female children, have all contributed to this global tragedy of monumental proportions.

Most of these children are under the age of fifteen and are…

  • Sleeping on concrete beds and rancid garbage piles every night – streets, sewers, dumps
  • Scavenging amongst human waste and excreta for rotting morsels and scraps to eat
  • Huffing glue and other substances in order to numb the cold, hunger, pain…and shame
  • Prostituting themselves for basic food and shelter
  • Trafficked and sold into sexual bondage, even at five years old and younger
  • Abused and brutalized by sexual predators, local gangs, corrupt police officers, and slum lords
  • Victimized by HIV/AIDS-infected men who believe that sleeping with young virgins can cure the disease
  • Recruited into lives of thievery, smuggling and drug dealing
  • Abducted to serve as child soldiers or the sex slaves of soldiers
  • Exploited as child laborers or slaves in sweatshops
  • Executed by officials and local businessmen who view them as a dirty pests interfering with trade and commerce
  • Sacrificed in occult/witchcraft rituals

Robbed of childhoods; Robbed of self esteem; Robbed of innocence; Robbed of hope