Poverty is widespread in Nicaragua. In a country that has massive unemployment and with almost 50% of the population living under the poverty line, many families are struggling to survive, leaving their children extremely vulnerable to gangs, traffickers and drug dealers. Many children are simply abandoned – left to fend for themselves on dangerous streets and city dumps.

Understanding the link between these abandoned children and the persistent poverty cycle, Verbo, a denomination of 14 churches, reaches out to these children by providing feeding programs, schools and homes. Verbo is also building a model farm and agricultural training program for at-risk youth to provide valuable vocational training, Christian discipleship and safe housing. This farm will not only provide the youth with job and life skills, but will be an important source of income for the project itself and the homes the Verbo Church operates. For the farm project, Verbo is currently renovating an existing building that World Orphans constructed almost 15 years ago. The cost for the renovation is approximately $30,000.


Number of Single Orphans* (one parent lost): 113,000

Number of Double Orphans* (both parents lost): 3,900

*not including abandoned, sold or trafficked children

Population: 5,891,199

Average Income: $410 per person



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