Here’s a very promising update last night from Lameck Mbai at Fountain of Life Church and Children’s Home in Nairobi (edited for spelling and grammar):

"A verdict that we had been waiting for has been delivered. On Wednesday the court ruled in our favor and granted permanent orders to stop anyone from developing the demolished Fountain of Life property. The defense had contested to have the temporary orders lifted so that the Muslim developer could go ahead with construction. They lost."

"The alleged developer, one Mohammed Hussein Rashid, who we are suing jointly with the Nairobi city council, tried to bribe a government official the following day to stop land grabbing investigations against him. He didn’t know that the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission had laid a trap for him. They busted him as he tried to give a Kshs 500,000 ($7,250) bribe. The press covered the government operation and the story appeared on prime time TV. Yesterday, Mohammed was charged in court. The press again covered the proceedings and they featured it again last night on TV."

"We thank God for the way He is fighting this battle for His glory."


(Image: Rescued street orphans eating at Fountain of Life, 2004)