Even though we both live in the Denver area, I first met Chris Padbury of Project 1.27 at a White House reception following the White House Roundtable on Orphans and Vulnerable Children in 2007. Our comment to each other back then was that the event was "surreal."

As I scan the images of Haiti in the news, it all seems unbelievable – an alternate reality. Sure, I've been in countries soon after natural disasters before, but I don't think anything will compare to the widespread destruction that I'll personally see in a few days.

Chris and I are now part of a unified effort to tackle this sad reality as Project 1.27 has just joined the Haiti Orphan Relief Team (HORT). HORT is an unprecedented collaboration of orphan ministries, advocacy groups, and humanitarian relief organizations & experts. HORT's goal is to partner U.S. churches with Haitian churches in order to see Haitian churches resourced and equipped to be the front-line mechanism of rescue and care for Haiti's orphans.

The Mission Statement of Project 1.27 says that it is "a Ministry from the Churches of Colorado to the Orphans of Colorado. In fulfillment of a Godly calling, we serve children by producing successful adoptions between families in church communities and legally free children in the Colorado foster care system. We recruit, train, and support adoptive parents, support teams, churches, counties, and other partners to provide hope for all children and benefit our state and society."

We like how Project 1.27 views local churches as the solution for adoptable children in Colorado. The organization has had such great success here that they're also presenting the model to other states.

As far as the Haiti Orphan Relief Team is concerned, we value the strong church connections that Project 1.27 has made as a result of its adoption advocacy efforts. These churches will now hear how they can come alongside Haitian churches to make a difference during this current crisis.


What is the Haiti Orphan Relief Team (HORT)?

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