"How well do these street kids respond to Christ and His Church, especially those that are being rescued from their circumstances?" I asked while in Brazil.

"They see the love and understand it. But to contextualize it further, we explain that Jesus was born under a lean-to where animals were fed, Moses was sent in a basket down a river to escape slaughter, and Joseph was sold into slavery…but they all found themselves in royal households as the King and the most trusted of officials."

Although the analogy certainly has its limitations, the reply caused me to send out a verbal, "Amen!"

Street orphans can all understand poverty, abandonment, and slavery. They can understand having to endure torture. They can understand having to escape death, false accusations and bondage to others. Scripture reaches out to them clearly through these accounts and others such as the orphan who became queen (Esther) and the prostitute who became the heroine and was then inserted into the Royal lineage (Rahab.)

God has already prepared the way. His Word provides the reason, the comfort and the promise. All we have to do is show tangible love and point these children to what He has already explained and exemplified so very well.