When I was in East Africa a couple of months ago, I met Pastor Hudson Suubi who runs an orphan home we funded in Lugazi, Uganda. Hudson mentioned that all of the children had written their own Psalms to God. Intrigued, I asked if he could please e-mail me a few of them. I received the following one (edited for spelling and grammar) from thirteen year-old Peruci a couple of days ago.

No website, no brochures, no speeches, can accurately convey such things. The words and prayers of a rescued child are more powerful than anything else we could ever hope to communicate to you.


Peruci’s Psalm

God, I praise your name
Because am I not what I was
I was lost. You picked me up
I was hungry. You gave me food

How excellent is your name?
I give your name glory and honor
Because you are my shepherd,
My rock, my lord, my provider, my banner

Who am I?
I praise you because I was an orphan
But now you are my father and I am your child
I praise your name because I had nowhere to sleep
But now I sleep in a good house
I was sick all the time but now I am not

Who am I to deserve this?
I give your name honor
I had no shoes but now I do
I had no clothes but now I do

I praise your name
When my father died I was denied by all people
I was even chased from my house
Because we had no money
But now I am loved

Who am I, Lord?
I am now in joy instead of sorrow
God, you have been so good to me
You are my joy and my Abba-father,
My helper and my king and provider.

I worship you Lord
Because you are so good to me


(Image: Peruci, 2007)