After I posted the Psalm written by a little orphaned girl, Peruci, a few months ago, I received a barrage of e-mails and verbal comments. Many people were deeply touched by the beautiful love and appreciation that she has for our Lord.

Upon seeing her yesterday, I was again amazed by her spiritual maturity and heart of worship. She and another girl led a group of rescued children in dances and praises to God. Although it was in the context of being a presentation to us visitors, it was abundantly clear that Peruci and the others were simply using the occasion to adore and honor their Savior in both movement and song.


(Image: Peruci and Paul)

During a break, I took Peruci aside to let her know that her words had stirred the hearts of many. I mentioned that a lady, Ami, had even named a ministry after her, a ministry to mobilize churches to start orphan care programs. At first surprised, Peruci then smiled in humility and gave me a hug. No words were needed.

After finishing the visitor program, Peruci made a beeline to me, threw her arms around me again and said, "I am praying for you. Please also let the lady in America know that I will be praying for her."

My heart melted once again.