Out of Reach
By Paul Myhill, President of
World Orphans

Sustenance eludes the weary throngs
Famine breaks strappings tentatively drawn
Yearning for what the rest has aplenty
Yet out of reach

Cell piercings bring incisive encroachment
Common menaces in armies invade
Yearning for science in packaged vestiges
Yet out of reach

Swinging blades find no yielding forms
Bone and flesh tempered not enough
Yearning for outstretched shields of huddled masses
Yet out of reach

Tender petals pried at forceful dawn
Ripped pages of separation not ordained
Yearning for sentinel protectors of paternal mettle
Yet out of reach

Battles rage against ages and will
Paintbrushes traded for lancelet glances
Yearning for emancipation from bonded dismay
Yet out of reach

Darted wings push malady swarms
Fever and fluid wrench foundation cores
Yearning for barriers of threaded segments
Yet out of reach

Fleshly modes discarded on heaping piles
Tethers severed from present to past
Yearning for substitute pledges of daring resolve
Yet out of reach

Offspring of those fallen trodden
Rampant in despairing nightmares repeating
Yearning for anything, anything, anything
Just out of reach