A couple of years ago it was reported that the Turkish Mafia in Moldova entered into an unholy agreement with a director of a particular village orphanage in the country. As part of the arrangement, the mafia rented multiple rooms at a nearby hotel, presumably from a hotel owner or manager that was part of the scheme, or otherwise paid or coerced to keep silent about it.

Pubescent girls from the orphanage were taken to the hotel and frequently raped, day after day. The goal was to impregnate them. Once carrying a child, the girls were confined to a room until they gave birth. The newborns then entered into this fallen world on an extremely short fuse – they were sold for their organs.


(Image: Baby girl in Moldova)

This particular case persisted over a two year period.

Our Moldovan host pointed out that this wasn’t an isolated incident. It was a ‘general case’ that happened in numerous locations around the country over an extended period of time. Similar situations are most likely occurring today, right now.

Our host also showed us the online account of the story from the archives of a well-respected Moldovan news site. On the English version of the site, however, the article was noticeably absent, most probably a victim of the communist leadership’s censorship policies.

I was literally sick to my stomach as I thought of the several ghastly abominations that comprised the terrible sequence of actions and events involved in this wicked venture.

The criminals would have probably:

  • Threatened or bribed individuals at orphanages and hotels, perhaps even beating and killing those that wouldn’t comply;

  • Forcibly kidnapped scared young girls who had no idea of the ongoing horror that awaited them;

  • Continually raped these girls personally for current pleasure and future profit;

  • Waited for these babies – their babies – to be developed and born, in eager anticipation of them being butchered and sold; and

  • Subsequently sold these babies – their babies – to come under the scalpel of a seedy, crooked physician

…All for money.

None of these steps deterred them. None was considered frightful enough to stop the progression and escalation of events. The series repeated with multiple girls, multiple times, multiple babies.


(Image: Orphaned girls, now teenagers, in a church-based transition home we visited in rural Moldova)

I also thought of this heinous exploitation from the perspective of a single mortified girl:

She is whisked away from her friends and a bunk-bed to a room of vile men and a rape-bed. There, she suffers sexual injustice time and time again. Suddenly, it all stops and she soon realizes that she is with child. She is very scared, but is thankful that the child within her now prevents the daily penetration by many loathsome creatures. As the child is born, she looks with wonder upon its beautiful face, only to see her jailors and tormenters quickly leave with it, never to be seen again. She hears the baby’s cries down the hallway and desires to reach out for it, but is restrained.

Then, a couple of months later, the daily raping begins again.

This time the end result is known…and feared.

To be continued…


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