"Many of those homes are built on the kidneys of children."

Our Moldovan hotel was situated in an area of large homes and embassies. It was a tranquil setting complete with a large park of cascading staircases and sculpture gardens. It was an illusion. Quite a few of the mansions undoubtedly belonged to participants in one of the country’s most lucrative and despicable industries.

Moldova is one of the largest traffickers of children’s internal organs in Europe. And, yes, the orphans are the obvious primary targets of such odious commerce. Corrupt orphanage directors sell orphaned babies and children to organized crime syndicates that purchase them solely to harvest their vital organs for sale to wealthy families or nations. A whole network of delivery systems and corrupt physicians is in place to facilitate ‘private’ transplants and even clandestine travel groups that are organized for organ recipients to taken care of as a group.


This is not dramatic speculation or hearsay. This is a substantiated and documented reality. The European Union recently issued a paper that outlined specific and general abuses that they investigated and researched concerning the organ trafficking situation in Moldova. It was a dark report revealing that this is happening. It is happening in great numbers. It is happening today. It is happening right now.


(Images: Village children in Moldova)

The village orphanages are the primary suppliers of the unwilling organ donors. Villages are better equipped with extended family and community networks to take in orphaned children. Therefore, the children that are in the village orphanages are those that have absolutely no living relatives or social connections. It is easier for them to completely ‘disappear’ without a trace, without questions.

To be continued…


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