Bent Tree Bible Fellowship’s Senior Pastor, Pete Briscoe, made a simple but poignant remark at the opening of the Missions Festival this past Sunday.

Pete mentioned that many Christ followers struggle with the thought of a real Hell, a place where people are condemned to suffer forever. They just can’t fathom that their friends or relatives – Joe, Sally or Jessica – will be eternally separated from God in a place of everlasting torment and regret.

Pete followed by saying that you, as an individual Christian, are really only left with one important choice:

  • You can either throw out the Bible, which clearly communicates the reality of perpetual suffering; or
  • You can believe the Bible and become a missionary

There is no other option.

Think about that for just a moment. Let it sink in.

If you care about others (which you are clearly called to do), you can either discount the Bible (which is synonymous with rejecting the Bible) or you can try to reach the people you love, the people around you, the people you encounter, the people you seek out, the people that are placed before you.

Our calling here at World Orphans is to the orphaned and abandoned children of the world. We unreservedly and unashamedly believe what the Bible has to say about Hell. We’re not simply about bringing kids into a warm and safe place. We’re about ushering them into the Kingdom, into an eternity with The Father.

If these kids are not rescued, they’ll grow up, die, and go from one hell to another.

Please join us in being a ‘missionary’ to the almost 150 million that are presently orphaned, abandoned, or on the streets. Help us in strengthening churches to take them in, to love them, to share the message of salvation with them.

Please help them from eventually going to Hell.