Today is the first day of World Orphans’ OKTOBERFAST. We are soliciting faithful Christ-followers to come alongside us for the whole month of October to fast and pray for the world’s orphaned and vulnerable children.

The fast could take any form you wish – fewer TV shows or desserts, one less meal per day, no sodas for the month, or anything else that God places on your heart. We’ve heard back from die-hard folks that are doing a liquid diet for the whole month. Others are simply skipping their daily stop to Starbucks (one less liquid). But you don’t need to inform us. This is a special time of commitment and intimacy between you and God…for the children.

The most important part, of course, is the prayer part. With hundreds of millions of orphans and street children, and almost 30,000 children under five dying each day of easily-preventable causes, it requires us being on our knees. Such huge numbers can only truly be addressed through the fervent prayers of the righteous. When man works, man works. When man prays, God works!

Over the next thirty-one days, I invite you to use this blog to help you determine how best to pray. Simply read the entries and lift up the children to a Father who loves them so much.

Some people are also using OKTOBERFAST to commit to fast and pray specifically against human trafficking. TRAFFIC JAM, a campaign run by Orphan Lifeline, is designed to help raise "Highways of Prayer (HOPE)" to combat the injustice of labor and sexual slavery around the world. Please visit Orphan Lifeline to learn more about prayer points and ideas – including small group activities, neighborhood parties and worship concerts ("traffic jams") – to help mobilize prayer against the evils of global human trafficking.