So, I really didn't get what all the fuss was about with the whole Twitter thing. I started blogging a few years ago at Abandoned-Orphaned.Com when blogging was still cool and have now built up a pretty steady following, for what it's worth. I joined Facebook when it only had a measly 100 million users or so and had to switch to a Page after maxing out my profile. I'm humbled by these things and fully understand it's because I lead an international ministry (World Orphans), and not because people really care about what types of music I listen to or because they want to recruit me into their Mafia Wars family.

But Twitter kinda stayed off of my radar screen . . . or computer and text screens, that is. Truth be told, I did actually set up a Twitter account (@paulmyhill) a few months ago but, well, I just didn't get around to doing anything with it, especially since I can rarely say anything in 140 characters or less and am working on what's quickly becoming a 700-page book. Now, it seems the whole planet is on Twitter. If my mom was still alive, she'd be tweeting me to see how the kids are doing.

Some people seem to think I live a pretty interesting life. After all, I've been to somewhere around eighty countries, usually traveling into the "real" culture of slums and back alleys instead of the marble-statued one of tourist lines and Zagat ratings. Yes, I was in Iraq a couple of weeks ago and will be going to Baghdad in May. Yes, I'll be in Haiti in a few days as a founding member of the Haiti Orphan Relief Team. Yes, I'll be in Cambodia and Thailand again in a couple of months. And, yes, I'll probably be somewhere in India, Africa and Latin America before the year comes to a close. I suppose that's interesting.

But I also change diapers, go to parent-teacher conferences and have been known to mix canned tuna with scrambled eggs.

So, here we go, starting in Haiti. Come along on the journey with me: