Please lift up missionary families all over the world who are being targeted by the similar influenza and pneumonia issues as we just experienced with Hannah…

From Doug and Brooke Burns in Costa Rica (yesterday):

Satan is not all that original but he tries hard.  Interestingly, all four of us in our family had a very severe and sudden case of influenza/pneumonia that we battled over a month.  Two very important trips regarding ministry were cancelled.  I have been convinced it was Satan. I have heard of several other missionary families from around the world affected with the same thing!  It is a battle and what a blessing to be in FAMILY together to fight together.

From Ron and Lisa Redell in Macedonia (today):

Please join us in praying for our littlest one. Kalina (16 mo) woke up on Saturday with a fever and kept it most of the weekend.  Her other symptoms were heavy breathing and a runny nose.  And one incident of throwing up.  She didn’t eat or drink much and slept most of the time.  We were thinking some kind of virus, so this morning (Monday) Ron took her to the doctor in Skopje and the doctor said her lungs were clear but prescribed an antiboitic as a precaution.  This afternoon after her nap Ron noticed a new symptom, that her hands were swollen and her fingernails were purple underneath.  He took her right away to another hospital where they gave her some meds for her fever (spiked to 104 while there). Then she had an xray and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Her right lung is 2/3 full and her blood counts are really high.

From a World Orphans board member, concerning the grandson of some mutual friends that used to serve as missionaries in Germany (a few days ago):

I hope your family is better. We also have a prayer request. Remmie Beitel (you know the grandparents) is in the hospital in Tulsa with double pneumonia and flu. He seems to have multiple infections and is in ICU at St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa. He is a very sick little boy.