He was the product of an unholy union, a "taboo child" born to a brother and sister. The boy’s grandmother had arranged for a midwife to help with his delivery and to subsequently snuff out his life upon birth. Most likely, he was to be smothered until his little heart beat no more.

The midwife, however, couldn’t bring herself to kill him. After he was born she whisked him away, named him Moses, and started to raise him as her own son.

When Moses reached the tender age of three, his mother became aware of his continued existence and set about to have him killed. In order to see Moses evade certain death, the midwife brought him to one of our church-based orphan homes in Nairobi. I can imagine that she now watches from afar to see how he is doing.

Moses, now five years old, is a spirited young boy with a pleasing countenance and a great beauty both inside and out. As we watched him perform a welcome song and dance for us a few days ago, we could see the hope and promise for his life. With a wide smile and hands lifted high, he brings praise and glory to God.


(Image: Moses leads former street orphans in a song of worship)

True to his namesake, he was given up to escape slaughter. True to his namesake, he points people to the Living God.

We pray that, like his namesake, he will also become a great leader of integrity and influence.


(Image: Moses – a playful, fun-loving child of purpose)