Last night, a third doctor visited Hannah in room 5102. He would later admit that he couldn’t find her chart before entering, but had seen her initial labwork. He was expecting to see “a very, very sick girl” but, upon opening the door and hearing a giggle, “knew that she was going to be ok.”

The physician mentioned that two doors down from us there is a little boy who was admitted a couple of days before Hannah. The boy is suffering from the same unholy trinity of Influenza, Pneumonia and Strep (although we found out today that Hannah also had a Staph infection on top of everything else.) Unlike Hannah, however, this boy has been “getting progressively worse each day” and his medical team is running out of options. Over 35,000 people in the US die each year from the Influenza/Pneumonia combo and the doctor matter-of-factly said that Hannah “could’ve gone either way” based on the severity of her first readings.

Clearly upset that the little boy isn’t responding well to a similar treatment, the physician continued by saying, “We don’t know why one gets better and one gets worse.”

Lisa quickly piped in with a loving grin, “Well, we know why Hannah is getting better.”

Without responding, the doctor looked at Lisa inquisitively.

Lisa continued, “Ever since Hannah was admitted four days ago, we’ve had people all over the world praying for her.”

We thank you for that and now ask you to pray for the unknown boy on the fifth floor.

And while you’re at it, pray for the hundreds of thousands of people who will die this year from flu-related causes in the developing world simply because they don’t have access to such good medical care…and prayers.