Dear Friend of the Fatherless,

As a special partner of our work at World Orphans – either currently or in the past – I’d like to now invite you to GIVE and GO to Iraq with me.

If you’re not familiar with World Orphans‘ amazing achievements in Iraq and the scope of our first project there, let me first give you a brief introduction . . .


Three years ago, a World Orphans colleague and I journeyed to Northern Iraq to explore the opportunities for the rescue and care of orphaned and abandoned children in the conflict-ravished country. After multiple visits, and much prayer and perseverance, we were able to not only establish World Orphans Iraq as an officially-registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), but attained permission to rescue children through our church partners there. This was quite an achievement for a Christian charity, to say the least. Since then, we have placed a missionary family in Iraq to facilitate the work, established an office with local staff, and have found much favor with the government . . . culminating in land being given to us by the government to develop our first project there.


World Orphans has partnered with a vibrant local church to build a community center and two homes for orphans in a very strategic area in Northern Iraq. This community center is set right in the midst of 250 additional homes for widows and orphans that were built by the government. The community center will serve as a place for the local church to support and minister to these widows and orphans, as well as to other orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children in the district. What’s more, a Muslim government official in this region even told us recently that the people of the area are very receptive to the message of Christ! These are not words you usually hear from those in authority in Iraq. We believe the area is so strategic, given its proximity to the Turkish and Iranian borders, and its opportunity to create great goodwill and ministry opportunities for our church partners, that our hope is to see it forge a people movement for Christ in the broader region.


At World Orphans we typically evaluate a project based on its own merit. This opportunity certainly exceeds all the criteria to impact the immediate Church, children and community in very meaningful ways, but it also does something far more. A successful community center and homes for orphans in Northern Iraq will give World Orphans a great deal of media exposure and awareness in the broader charitable-giving community. A gift to this project is essentially multiplied many times as it enables us at World Orphans to create greater participation for our work with churches all over the world. So, regardless of where your specific heart lies – Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, China, Latin America, or Eastern Europe and Russia – your gift to Iraq will allow World Orphans to do so much more in those areas as well. Let’s give the media something positive to report for a change . . . and use it to change the lives of children the world over.



In order to meet our fundraising goal of $400,000 for the completion of the community center and homes in Iraq, we need the following contributions from our truly special partners – you – of World Orphans:

  • 4 people to give $50,000 each
  • 4 people to give $25,000 each
  • 5 people to give $10,000 each
  • 10 people to give $5,000 each

Would you please prayerfully consider giving to this important project at one of these levels?

Ongoing operational costs are provided by partner churches and self-sustainability programs.

There are two ways you can contribute:

  • Online Gift For Iraqi Orphans (please write “Iraq” in the memo field)
  • Check to the address below (please write “Iraq” in the memo line)

World Orphans

P.O. Box 1840

Castle Rock, CO 80104


For people who participate (or intend to participate) in any of the levels above, I also invite you to journey with me, the President of World Orphans, to personally see the progress of our work in Iraq and the many lives that are touched by it. You can choose to join me either in December or January as we journey back in history while looking to shape the future.

The tentative dates (adjustable within one or two days of departure or return, depending on flight availability) for the two trips are:

  • Trip #1: Saturday, December 12th through Sunday, December 20th
  • Trip #2: Saturday, January 16th through Sunday, January 24th

Trip cost is approximately $3,000, but is entirely tax-deductible with a contribution receipt from World Orphans for your tax records. Spaces are very limited, so please inform us of your choice as quickly as possible.


  • The Iraq
    Project Profile provides more general information on this opportunity. If you’d like for me to e-mail a copy to you, please contact me at:
  • Our missionary family is Iraq has a blog, Rescue Iraq, that provides a wealth of information and current updates.
  • A narrated video of the land site and progress (grading and pouring of foundation) is available on YouTube at: World Orphans Iraq


  • For more information (site plans, architect drawings, Google maps, etc.) please contact our representative in Iraq, Billy Ray, at, or our Vice President of Projects, Scott Vair at

Please feel free to forward this invitation to others who have the heart for Iraq and orphans and who may be interested in participating at any of the funding levels for this special project.

Thanks so much for your time, consideration, prayers and involvement!

Until They All Have Homes,