Part of our mission at World Orphans is to influence and advise other Orphan Rescue and Care organizations how to work with national indigenous churches along a "Continuum of Care" that involves multiple points of engagement – orphan prevention and delay, placement capacity building, family-style residential solutions, transition assistance, and skills development programs. These overseas churches are brought to us through Network Partners (organizations like Compassion International, Operation Mobilization, and New Hope International, among many others.) We work through partners such as these and freely share who they are in our project profiles and promotional materials.

In addition, World Orphans advocates and teaches on how to effectively partner western churches with these indigenous churches . . . for church strengthening and accountability, as well as the self sustainability of the indigenous church's orphan rescue and care programs. This is something that we also freely share with other organizations who wish to facilitate similar church-to-church relationships.

As such, our mission at World Orphans isn't to create a name and numbers for ourselves. Rather, it's to use World Orphans as a vehicle of advocacy for the church-to-church orphan rescue and care model so that the Kingdom sees the growth. We hold things loosely, do everything in the spirit of partnership, and are VERY pleased when other organizations adopt this model (in whole or in part.) It's not about expanding our books and reach. It's about expanding the involvement of many to partner churches around the world – both here and abroad – for the cause of the orphan. Only then do we at World Orphans believe that the monumental global task (opportunity) concerning orphaned and vulnerable children can effectively be addressed. We strongly feel that the church-to-church model is the only truly effective, scalable solution for millions orphans in the world today. To that end, it will take MANY organizations to mobilize the world's churches for this effort.

My recent blog posts on the Haiti Orphan Relief Team (HORT) demonstrate World Orphans' commitment to identify, give credit, and bring exposure to partner ministries.

With all this in mind, we'd like current or potential partners (as well as donors and volunteers) for the Haiti Orphan Relief Team (HORT) to know the following:


The overall HORT collaboration, initial deployment team, in-country command center, and ongoing operations are being overseen by an independent CPA who is not employed or currently associated with World Orphans.


1.) In the interest of expediency to allow individuals to give to the HORT deployment and command center costs through Valentine's e-cards and other direct donations, World Orphans set up a separate dba and account for this purpose, as well as a separate Paypal account. These funds are overseen by the independent CPA mentioned above.

2.) Any administrative costs built into future project costs are DIRECTLY related to the HORT deployment, promotion, command center, and ongoing operations and will NOT go into the general account of any participating ministry, including World Orphans.

3.) Costs of World Orphans personnel participating on the initial deployment team are being funded directly by World Orphans, not from current or future HORT funds.


1.) The HORT Facebook page at: will only be used for HORT messaging and fundraising directly related to the HORT deployment and ongoing operations. Members of this page will never be messaged with individual appeals by ANY of the participating organizations, including World Orphans. Messages will be signed "HORT" and not by any participating organization.

2.) The HORT Website at: only receives contributions to cover HORT deployment and ongoing costs. These donations are covered under the separate reporting/accountability structure mentioned above. Donors will be receipted under the HORT dba and NOT entered into any ministry's database for general appeals or communications, including World Orphans. Only HORT-specific messaging will go to these individuals. There will be NO crossover in donor records and donors will NOT be shared with any participating ministry for their general ministry appeals or communications. Likewise, World Orphans will NOT use any HORT donors, who are not current World Orphans donors, for its general ministry appeals or communications.


1.) World Orphans will vet out both the indigenous and western church partners. This is the expertise and value-add that we provide to the HORT partnership. Once western churches are partnered with church relationships in Haiti, whether they be partner churches of Compassion International, Loving Shepherd Ministries, GAiN or any others – current or future – the net funding will belong to those organizations, not World Orphans or any other HORT ministry not directly related to the in-country partner church, unless expressly requested by the Network Partner organization.

2.) None of the HORT funds will be given directly to churches without a third-party Network Partner relationship. Funds will be controlled and managed by the relevant partner in accordance with good stewardship and accounting principles and in a way that doesn't create unhealthy dependency.

Any specific questions or clarifications can be directed to me at

AND SO . . .

We invite all current or future HORT partners to freely, and with confidence, do the following:

1.) Sign up (and encourage others to sign up) for organization, church and individual involvement at

2.) Put the HORT badge prominently on their Website and Blogs with the link to

3.) Write Blog posts and send e-mails to their constituents concerning the HORT collaboration as the most effective, scalable response (churches here, partnered with churches there) for the reunification, rescue and care of Haiti's orphans.

4.) Join the HORT Facebook Page at:

5.) Invite all their friends (personal and organizational) to the HORT Facebook Page

6.) Put the HORT Facebook Page link on their personal profiles and organizational pages, causes, and groups

7.) Comment on Facebook updates at the HORT Page

8.) Twitter to


Any Blog post or news release/update on HORT that is composed/released by a participating organization will be summarized or linked to on both the HORT Blog and my personal blog at Abandoned-Orphaned.Com