Mike Vinson (Exec V.P. of World Orphans) and I met with Dr. Wess Stafford (President/CEO of Compassion International) for a couple of hours yesterday. Wess is an extraordinary man who truly is an inspiration to us all. He is also a kindred spirit that strives to see children helped – physically and spiritually – by indigenous churches. Because of this shared passion, we are currently exploring opportunities for partnership between our two ministries.

Wess told us that he views Compassion’s role much like that of the Good Samaritan. Compassion (the Good Samaritan) finds the need (the wounded victim on the side of the road), connects it with the indigenous church (the innkeeper), and funds the necessary care (the two silver coins). The Good Samaritan simply matches the problem to the solution and then supports it with counsel and provision. He turns over the actual care function to those who are better positioned, more able, and more relevant.

Wess’s comparison really resonated with me. The same analogy is equally applicable to World Orphans. We don’t try to build children’s homes and run them ourselves. We just use trusted relationships and an intense due diligence process to find the right ‘innkeeper’ churches with the heart and ability to rescue orphans. We then fund the required infrastructure and secure ongoing relationships that allow these churches to care for the children that are struggling, victimized, bleeding and dying on the sides of their roads.

Wess has a number of great analogies and teachings that are sure to touch and inspire you. I read his powerful book, Too Small To Ignore, as I was visiting our children’s homes in Southeast Asia last year. What a potent combination that was! Please click on the above link to learn more about Wess’s book. I highly recommend it for anybody, especially those with a special heart for children. If circumstances are such that you can’t afford to purchase it, please contact me. I’ll buy it for you.