I just love it when people "get it." Yesterday, Ian Smith of Viva Network forwarded his notes from our meeting in Oxford, UK that occurred last week. In his words, here is how he described World Orphans


World Orphans has been re-evaluating how their core competence of group care fits into the continuum of care for children. Their desire is to be less focused on projects that fit their previous criteria…and focus on helping a local church respond to the needs of children in their community through group care (homes) within a network-focused response wherever possible.

World Orphans is also attempting to respond to the needs of children by working with families before the parents die, and by identifying high risk children who may need to come into homes and preparing them for the change in their life.

They are working in a number of strategic collaborations with other international organisations e.g. Compassion International & Operation Mobilisation.

World Orphans Core Skill:

Funding homes on local church property where children remain part of the community, and enabling churches in the west to partner with churches in the south (developing world). Their operational methodology is to provide funding for a local church to build a small home to house children who have no other care mechanism. The home will be built on church property, and the church will be encouraged/enabled to become self-sustainable over a period of time.

Through working with significant churches in the US, World Orphans is able to fund the building, while the churches in partnership account for running costs by entering into a 3-5 year commitment for, say 70% budget. This enables the churches to partner, but allows the US church to limit the scope of its investment.