World Orphans’ very first children’s home, Hogar De Fe, was a $74,000 project just outside of Managua (Los Brasiles) that was constructed in 1993. Over 500 projects in almost 50 countries later, it was good to visit and reflect upon the genesis of the ministry.


(Image: Paul with Pastor Ramiro at World Orphans’ first home)

The original building was sold by our indigenous church partner last year so the proceeds could be applied to an updated home on a campus across the street. The site includes multiple living areas set around a common courtyard as well as schools, parks, playgrounds, a cafeteria, agricultural project and a large new church sanctuary presently under construction.


(Image: The children of Hogar De Fe)

There are also over 40 lots that have been sectioned off and prepared for ‘graduating’ children. Hogar De Fe’s church pastor, Ramiro Blandon, explained that orphans who have grown up in the home, proven themselves faithful to the Lord and His work, and have married, will each be given a lot on which to build their own home to raise children and crops. Presently, five of the original thirty children are courting. They expect the first marriage and homestead soon.

What a wonderful picture of transition and reward. The orphaned and abandoned children, warmly received into a church-based family home, will now be given land to erect their own homes and produce incomes for their future families.

When asked how almost fifteen years of caring for orphans has impacted the surrounding population, Ramiro explained that, "We have 8,000 people in this community. They have been drawn to us. Many have accepted Christ." With humble beginnings in a 1,500 sq. ft. church building, the new church construction will accommodate over 2,000 attendees each Sunday, approximately 25% of the whole town.


(Image: Ramiro in front of the original church, now used for Sunday school)

The church and its growth stand as testament to how an area’s inhabitants are attracted to a body of believers that cares for its children. There is no greater expression and application of the love of Christ, than to extend hearts and hands to a community’s hurting children.


(Image: Children receiving a snack at the new facility)