We heard today from one of the pastors at Fountain of Life, the church-based orphan home in Nairobi, Kenya that was destroyed by an angry mob of Somali refugees just before Christmas (See Demolition).

Here is the latest from Pastor Gideon (corrected for spelling and grammar):

"The boys are fine and doing well in the new place that we have moved to (See Multiplication through Destruction). Home is home, even when there are problems. We long to be back at our place where we were able to do anything we needed. Thank God with us as we just heard this evening that the judge issued her ruling. We were granted the permanent injunction (protecting the land from being stolen and developed by the Somalis that are now occupying it (See Evil in their Hearts. Hate in their Eyes.)). Therefore, the Muslims can do nothing with the land until the case is over. We are believing God to give back our land because He never changes His plan. Continue believing with us."

We rejoice at this news and ask that you continue to pray for this dear ministry and the 60 orphaned and abandoned street boys that they rescued from the Mathare Valley Slum (See The Breeding and Killing Grounds of the Orphan) outside of Nairobi.

Friends, our World Orphans ministry newsletter was significantly delayed at the printer this month. If you are just now tuning in here to see the Fountain of Life updates from our recent trip to Kenya a few weeks ago, please view the links above. There is an additional post about the Mathare Valley Slum at: The Testing of Job


(Image: Happier days – One of the FOL boys during my visit in 2005)