My son, Caleb, scored two goals for his soccer ‘team’ yesterday. He would have scored a third, a hat-trick, if one of his own teammates, a little girl in a ponytail, hadn’t stolen the ball from him in front of the net and kicked it in herself. Of course, Caleb wouldn’t have scored his second goal if he hadn’t just taken it away from another boy on his team beforehand.


(EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF. Caleb, background, battles with a teammate for the ball)

Such is the world of soccer for four year-olds. The game is an individual mad dash for the prize. There is no concept of teamwork.

Why is most missions activity, and orphan care in particular, so much like a soccer team of four year-olds?

Why can’t we simply all work together and partner with the indigenous churches on the front lines…for a common goal?


(THE GOAL IN SIGHT. Caleb lines up to score)