Jodi Vinson, wife of the World Orphans Executive VP, Mike Vinson, has been on a clandestine mission recently. She has been working with Christian rock band agents and promoters, as well as venue managers, to put together a concert to raise awareness for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable worldwide.

We're shooting for later this fall in the Denver or Colorado Springs area. Jodi has some great initial commitments, and opportunities to sign up some really incredible bands.

Rather than just making this a general World Orphans exposure event, we're looking to use it to promote specific campaigns that World Orphans is currently involved/partnered in.

FIGHT CAMPAIGN – The concert will be the official roll out out the FIGHT CAMPAIGN. The FIGHT CAMPAIGN is the branding of the Mega Issue, with the goal to connect people to orphaned and abandoned children, no matter what issue they currently wish to "fight" (HIV/AIDS, global poverty, child soldiers, prostitution, etc.) The campaign's goal is to teach people that all these issues are interrelated and can be fought simultaneously by rescuing orphaned and abandoned children.

TRAFFIC JAM CAMPAIGN – The TRAFFIC JAM CAMPAIGN is a program run by Orphan Lifeline, the sister ministry of World Orphans, that provides information and promotes awareness to combat human trafficking around the world. The campaign's ultimate goal is to create "Highways of Prayer (HOPE)" to jam up the highways of traffic. Small-group gatherings, concerts and other events are all enlisted to creates forums for awareness and prayer.

Please pray with us as Jodi continues in her endeavor. The concert will serve to create some awareness for so really strategic, precious initiatives.

Here's a hint about one of the bands we have committed so far…and I think you'll find the video quite relevant!