The opening of our latest church-based home occurred a couple of days ago (November 1st) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The urban slum conditions in Dhaka are absolutely miserable. In just the last ten years the city’s slum population has swelled to over 3.4 million people, crowded at a density of 891 persons per acre. They live in seams of garbage that run through the city as well as in hinterlands, built upon the excrement of the metropolis, in squalid conditions that are susceptible to flood and disease.

Such conditions propagate an abundance of orphaned and abandoned children.

But the church is there, there to pick up these kids from pestilence, pick-pocketing and prostitution.


(FORTUNATE ONES: Children in one of the cleaner Dhaka slums)


(NEW BEGINNINGS: Visiting our latest home, during the construction stage)


(LATEST ARRIVAL: The home today)


(NOW IN  A FAMILY: A rescued child sleeps comfortably in his new home and clothes)