A few days after Deepa (name changed for privacy) was born in a small village in Tamil Nadu, India, the midwife went to check on her. The baby already looked quite sickly. More disconcerting, however, was the sight of a small grave that was freshly dug right next to the home. The pit was anticipating its young occupant.

Nita (name changed for privacy) was also just a few days old when a midwife visited her home. Nita was naked, except for two strands of cloth, one around her neck and another around her waist. Both had been dipped in coconut milk. She had been placed on a raging ant nest. Large ants, attracted to the sweet swatches of fabric, were swarming all over her little body. Her 63 year-old father laughed and waved, "sure," when the midwife offered to take the child away, to save the child from such an excruciating death by exposure and toxins.

Deepa and Nita were both brought to the home of one of our partners. There, they are being raised with 20 other children as cherished daughters, daughters saved from untimely deaths, daughters of the King who loves them and has a purpose for them.

To be continued…