As I mentioned in a prior post, East Africa offers an interesting mix of cultures and nationalities. The countries we just visited – Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia – like many in the area, are comprised of numerous tribes, each with their own distinct identities and sub-cultures. Added into that complex mix are the religious overtones of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Animism, Witchcraft, and all types of syncretism in between – a virtual cornucopia of truth and deception. In these countries, you also encounter numerous ex-pats and vacationers who settle and visit the area. UN personnel, NGO workers, infrastructure contractors, economic consultants – the whole world is there.

The Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja, Uganda is run by Danyne Randolph, an American. She currently fosters, and is in the process of adopting, two Ugandan orphans. Her first orphan work involved spending a few months in Russia, followed by a year in Israel. She has a brother who was adopted from a Russian orphanage.


(Image: Danyne with her two daughters)

A few weeks ago, Danyne married Surjit Bharj, an Indian who grew up in England, moved to Uganda, and now runs a Tex-Mex restaurant and hotel.

So, just in case I lost you, I will summarize: A man born in India, raised in England, runs a Tex-Mex restaurant in Uganda and marries an American who worked in Israel and Russia, and who has a Russian brother and two Ugandan daughters.

They are believers. How beautiful is the Body of Christ.