Our follow-up meeting with Dr. Wess Stafford (President of Compassion International) and his program managers occurs today. We are joining all of them for lunch at the Compassion offices in Colorado Springs. We will be continuing the discussion on how our two global ministries can work together in partnership for children.

You can view specific prayer requests for this meeting at Mike’s blog.


Why is an organization like Compassion a perfect partner for World Orphans?

We have a common DNA and vision. Just like World Orphans, Compassion works exclusively with indigenous churches. Their programs to feed, educate and share Christ to disadvantaged children are run through native churches that serve as the ‘care distribution points’ for this precious ministry. These churches also reach into the children’s families with sound teaching and encouragement.

Many of these same churches are desperately trying to care for orphans also, but they lack the infrastructure and funding to do so.

To partner with Compassion to integrate the World Orphans’ program into the ministries of these churches affords both organizations many strategic benefits. The following represent just a few:

Due Diligence. These indigenous churches have already been vetted out by a huge multi-national ministry with impeccable assessment procedures and well-trained people on the ground. Our due diligence process then delves into additional aspects and provides further information that is valuable to both organizations.

Ongoing Accountability. Compassion has a multi-tiered accountability system with stringent requirements and frequent contact. In addition, the World Orphans’ accountability structures give additional cross-check opportunities for the Compassion program.

Integration. The orphans from our home would participate in the Compassion programs. The community children learn that these orphans are just like them; that they are not to be stigmatized and avoided. Likewise, the orphans are kept immersed with their peers from the community; they learn that they are not outcasts. The net result is a more healthy socialization and development of both groups of children.

Adoption Potential. As people from the community drop off their kids at the Compassion program, they are constantly exposed to the parentless children that are also participating. They begin to make room in their hearts and can picture some of these orphaned children as part of their own families.

‘Transition’ Potential. The increased orphan integration noted above further increases the exposure that these children have to people that can help with their skills training and even jobs upon their ‘graduation’ of the home.

Ongoing Funding. If agreeable to Compassion, their ministry could facilitate child sponsorships for the children in the World Orphans’ homes, thereby adding another facet to their care and support of disadvantaged children around the world.

There are many more mutual advantages…too many to list here.

As such, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for the meeting today, and for the ministries of Compassion International and World Orphans in general.