I fear that many Christian orphan rescue and care ministries are getting swayed by the publications of secular organizations and governmental bodies. These behemoth groups follow overly-academic paths and analyses that are devoid of God; that place culture above truth. Culture is ideed important and efforts should be taken to preserve it where it doesn’t conflict with truth. But let’s be clear: truth should always triumph; truth should always be the rpiority.

These secular/governmental organizations are espousing ‘holistic’ community solutions. But because man is also a spiritual being, holism has to include the spiritual needs of the individual within the community. These spiritual needs have to met with truth, not culture; the Gospel, not false religion. Only then are the holistic needs truly met.

In a very real sense, the Church is the only holistic solution in the community.

…And the Church is the family and community-based solution!

To be continued…