We have a new TRAFFIC JAM Page on Facebook. The direct link is http://www.facebook.com/thetrafficjam.

Please join us there and learn how we are uniting musicians and their fans to fight the horrors of child trafficking around the world.

Here’s just a few of the things we have in motion with music, to “jam up” the global flesh trade:

  • TRAFFIC JAM “Jams” – Concerts, music and sporting events (arranged, sponsored, or supported)
  • TRAFFIC JAM “World Tours” – Trips for musicians to experience firsthand the horrors of human trafficking
  • TRAFFIC JAM “Highways of Hope” – Informative resources and advocacy materials to raise awareness and increase involvement
  • TRAFFIC JAM “Instruments of Change” – Signed memorabilia auctions (primarily musical instruments autographed by celebrities.) Check out some of the recent signed guitars at Instruments of Change
  • TRAFFIC JAM “Releases” – Music releases to help fund the release of modern-day slaves
  • TRAFFIC JAM “Free Trade Stores” – Trading slavery for opportunity through skills training programs and online outlets for Internet commerce
  • TRAFFIC JAM “Free Passages” – Free concert tickets and meet & greet access to your favorite artists
  • TRAFFIC JAM Projects – Working with trusted partners around the globe to provide direct prevention, intervention and aftercare programs

Jam with us and join the TRAFFIC JAM Page!

Please invite your friends to get involved also. Just a few clicks could help release children from slavery and exploitation.

Until They Are All Free,