"All I could get were tickets on the floor. I hope you don't mind standing behind people."

That's what I told my wife as I took her to the Bon Jovi concert in Denver last night . . . right before we were directed to the center seats (dead center) in the second row, that is.

"Kinda a bummer that we have a couple of people in front of us, huh?," I said looking at my beautiful bride who I met in 1982, two years before anybody would ever see the spandex band singing Runaway.

My Facebook status update last night read, "Taking my bride to the Bon Jovi concert tonight. Hair bands still rule!" One of our mutual friends from high school responded with the comment, "Hair bands may rule but my wife says scrunchies are out! Whatever a scrunchie is . . ."

Well, the two people in front of us weren't wearing scrunchies at least.

Today at my kids' school (a Christian private school I might add, for what that's worth), Lisa's friends asked if Jon Bon Jovi was still 'hot.' My wife replied that he was dripping sweat, so she guessed so.

And as I was going through the pictures Lisa said, "I really like the one where he's smiling. That smile . . . . ooh . . . (blush.) But, honey, I like your smile also."

I hate Jon Bon Jovi.


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